One of the Few Inexpensive Things in Rio

One thing that I love about Brazil is the enormous variety of delicious fruits and vegetables that you can find in every supermarket or on nearly every street corner.  I have seen fruits and vegetables that I never even knew existed! One of my favorite new fruits is marancuja (passion fruit).

Marancuja (passion fruit)

And while Rio may be an expensive city, one thing that IS universally cheap (and delicious) are fruits and veggies.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and my roommate and I bought four MASSIVE mangos (seriously Brazil has the largest mangos I have ever seen in my life, about three times the size of your normal mango in US or France) for R $12.50 (about $5.5 USD).  And while the photo below may not really show it, these mangos are enormous.


We also got a large papaya for only R$3.60 (or $1.60 USD).  In the past, I’ve paid about $8 USD for this same papaya back home….


We also bought 2 ENORMOUS round avocados (once again, Brazil has the largest avocados I have ever seen) for R $7 (or $3 USD). They looked something like this…


We got five fresh tomatoes for just R $2 (or $.89 cents). Even cheaper than France!


I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  Since the majority of what I buy is fruits and veggies, this means that going to the grocery store is one thing that does NOT break the bank in Rio! Amazing.

Since fruit is so inexpensive, it also means that fruity drinks (such as my personal favorite, caipirinhas) are also cheap – and made with real fruit, not fruit juice, like is the case in the U.S. or Europe.  So you don’t have to feel too guilty sipping on that caipirinha or caipiroska (caipirinha made with vodka instead of cachaça) — there may be a lot of added sugar, but hey, at least you are getting your fruit intake for the day!


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