As a travel addict and language-lover, I wanted to create a blog/site that would act as an intersection of travel (from a local perspective of course), language learning and cultural discovery for all the open-minded travelers and nomads out there.

As for the site’s domain name? “Vivre comme un local” translates to “live like a local” in French.  Why French? Well, for starters, the domain “livelikealocal” in English was taken. Also, having lived in France for four years, I found it fitting to have the name reflect my travel experiences and love for languages.

For me, one of the most interesting things about traveling is learning about and soaking up the culture (and thereby the language) and exploring the local spots that one would be unlikely to find in the typical guidebook.  I therefore plan to write about my travel experiences; things I learned about that particular culture/region; places I recommend going and things I recommend doing; and provide whatever tips I think might be useful for fellow travelers like me.

I hope you find it useful. And bon voyage!

Post-hike of Morro Dois Irmãos in Rio de Janeiro

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Literally just found your blog….. and i see the latest post where it says YOU’RE FUCKIN LEAVING BRAZIL OMG 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 I’m going to follow your journey… expect many comments from me ❤ take care. e qual o seu nome????


  2. HI… at one moment sorry´s, my english is bad rsrsrsr i see your blog on a says your vision of brazil – I fear that too Brazilians should also read your blog because many of your points of view serve to evolve consientemente Brazilians, many customs we have today are harmful to the development of our country. Thank you for sharing your experiences, excellent blog


  3. Hi! how are you? My name is Reinaldo (brazilian, sou paulista, tendeuuu? =) …great blog! I have a blog too, about movies…

    Do you have email?
    Sorry my english!
    Kisses, Rey =)


  4. Você realmente gostou do Brasil. Indico a você conhecer o litoral da Bahia, onde moro. E o estado do Pará, na Amazônia, onde morava. São também lugares lindíssimos! 🙂 Abraços!!!


  5. Mary!

    Eu concordo com tudo que voce escrevou em seu blog. Tambem sou uma gringa e passei Febrero enteiro em Brasil esse ano. Agora ainda esto namorando com uma Carioca e vou voltar pra ver ele de novo em Novembro. Quero muito morar no Brasil, e mais no Rio, mas agora tenho um trabalho que paga bom em EUA. É dificil decidir o que quero mais, mas muita obrigada por suas palavras. Eu me identifico com tudo o que você disse sobre o Brasil e não pode esperar para voltar. Beijos!

    p.s. ^amo as respostas das brasileiros falando em inglês. Muito fofo 🙂


  6. Hey,

    Just found your blog saying about Rio and brazilians. Liked ur point of view, but disagree in most saying about “brazilian players” hahaha. Anyway, nice to read about your experience in our small piece of paradise.

    Bruno F.


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